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Division Awards

2022-2023 Atlantic Division Awards
Do you know a Ham who has really stands out in their Amateur Radio service:
- Technical abilities

- Public / community service

- Radio training / education

- Promotes and serves Ham Radio, you name it.
    Share their name and story, let's honor them.

It is awsome when peers honor an individual or group for thier time and talents spent in good service to others .
Start the nomination for one of the Atlantic Division Awards.
- Nominations must come from within the Atlantic Division.
- Nominations must hold a valid and curent FCC Amateur Radio license.
- Nominations can not be a Silient Key.
- Nominations must be willing to participate.
- Atlantic Division awards are presented annually.
- Nominations are taken from the ham community.
- Awards are conferred at the annual Division Convention.
- Amateurs of any license class may be nominated for awards.
- Awards Committee may, at their discretion, shift award made.

Contact the Atlantic Division Vice Director
ARRL Recognition via League awards
The Radio Amateur in the Atlantic Division whose record merits recognition for outstanding contributions to the Amateur Radio Service.
He or she is active on the air and in Amateur Radio organizations. The Amateur of the Year is an all-round Amateur, whose activities, attitudes, and achievements may serve as an example to others. Devotion to Amateur Radio is balanced with attention to work responsibilities and family life. The Amateur of the Year exemplifies the "Amateur's Code."
In selecting the award recipient, emphasis is placed on service to others rather than self, diversity of Amateur Radio interests and activities, evidence of continuing self-challenge, and outstanding contributions to Amateur Radio in the year preceding nomination.

AWARD will include
Amateur Radio Operators Name & Callsign
Award Title and presentation date
QTH City, Club Name, FCCLicense Class

This award is named after [write narrative here] in service of amateur radio and amateur radio training in Atlentic Division

The Radio Amateur(s) in the Atlantic Division whose technical excellence exemplifies "continuation of the Amateur's proven ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art," and whose attitude exemplifies the highest dedication to service to others and to science, rather than self. Particular value will be placed on evidence of continuing contributions to the Amateur Radio Service.
Groups of two or more Amateurs may be nominated for a joint award in this category. Technical achievement may be demonstrated through activities such as the following: publications, research and development, creativity in hardware/firmware/software, systems design and implementation, technical instruction, application of advanced technology to public service communications. This award is presented at the discretion of the Awards Committee, not necessarily every year.
The nomination period closes annualy on October 31st, The Award will be announced and presented in the following year.
For more information, please go to: http://www.atldiv.org/AtlAwards.htm
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